It's 2020 and travel
has changed...

It's time to explore your backyard.

Our story

IVEBEEN was established in August 2020 to safely support wanderlust in the new age of travel by sharing (socially distant) ideas to quench your appetite for adventure.

Our team of travel lovers, influencers, and foodies are tracking their local travels, sharing their favorite tidbits, and providing inspiration to those who follow.

Sound like fun? We’re hiring.

How it works

The two main components of IVEBEEN are Places and Moments.

Places are physical¬†locations deemed “worth visiting” to which we’ve actually been and can recommend. They’re carefully curated by our team.

Moments are photos and videos (captured and shared by our members) that , collectively over the course of time, help tell the story of a Place.

Our collective Moments tell the story of each Place.

Why aren't there more Places?

The vision and mission of IVEBEEN is to allow individuals to track their travels while collectively building a resource of places to go worth going. The world is a huge place and it’s going to take time but we’re confident that slow and steady is the right approach.

Adding Places slowly but surely will:

  • Allow our most enthusiastic members to track their travels immediately
  • Insure each Place is open and operating (because 2020)
  • Help us focus on quality rather than quantity

We don’t want to become another Trip Advisor or Yelp. We want to build something true and authentic to ourselves. If we each start with the places we go, IVEBEEN will eventually become an astounding collective success.

Meet the team

Our team currently consists of three entities:

  1. Our founder (Rob Jackson)
  2. Our paid authors (via Fiverr)
  3. Our contributors (sign up for free!)
If you’d like to talk with us about our passion project please reach out to us on social media!