Historic Stevens Building in Annapolis

This photo captures the facade of the “Stevens” building in 14 Market Space, Annapolis, MD, taken on June 8, 2024, at 7:11 pm. This historic brick building features three large, arched windows on the upper level with black frames, and the name “STEVENS” prominently displayed above the entrance. The storefront windows are covered with brown […]

Historic Building on Market Space

The photo captures a historic commercial building located at 14 Market Space in Annapolis, MD. The structure features a prominent rectangular sign reading “STEVENS,” indicative of a past or current business occupant. The building’s brick facade is painted a light beige color, with three large arched windows on the upper floor framed in black. The […]

Church Steeple with Gold Cross Under Blue Sky

The photograph captures the exquisite detail of a church steeple topped with a golden cross, set against a serene blue sky with soft, scattered clouds. The steeple, likely made of stone or brick, narrows gracefully to the pinnacle where the cross stands brilliantly illuminated by natural light. This architectural element resides at a location in […]