Maritime Scene of Helsinki Harbor

This photo, taken on a clear afternoon on August 14, 2022, captures a vibrant view of Helsinki’s bustling harbor. The image showcases two prominent vessels: a blue Finnlines ferry and a white cruise ship from P&O Cruises. The terminal buildings and adjacent structures of the city’s waterfront can be seen in the midground, with modern […]

Ships Docked at Helsinki West Harbour

This vibrant photo, taken on August 14, 2022, at 2:12 PM, captures the bustling scene at the Helsinki West Harbour in Finland. Two large ships are prominently docked: the Viking Line ferry, easily identified by its distinctive logo and color scheme, and the P&O Cruises ship, likely a part of their international cruise fleet. The […]

“Sunny Afternoon at Helsinki Port”

The photo, taken on August 14, 2022, at 2:12 pm, captures a vibrant scene at the Helsinki port. A deep blue sky and calm waters of the Gulf of Finland set the perfect backdrop for two prominent ships docked at the port. On the left, the ship marked “ECKERÖ LINE” hints at regular ferry service, […]

Helsinki Harbor View with Cruise Ships and Modern Buildings

This photo, taken on August 14, 2022, at 2:12 pm in Helsinki, Finland, captures a panoramic view of Helsinki’s vibrant harbor. Dominating the scene are two large vessels; the one on the left is the Tallink Silja Line ferry, identifiable by its logo, and the one on the right is a P&O Cruises ship, noted […]

Cruise Ships Docked at Helsinki’s West Harbour

This picturesque photo captured on August 14, 2022, at 2:12 PM shows the vibrant activity at West Harbour (Länsisatama) in Helsinki, Finland. The image features two large vessels docked at the harbor. On the left, you can see a Tallink Silja Line ferry, known for its distinctive blue and white coloring and logo. To the […]

Maritime View of Helsinki Dock

This serene view captures the bustling port area of Helsinki, Finland, showcasing both modern buildings and large cruise ships docked at the harbor. The image, taken under a clear blue sky on August 14, 2022, features a calm expanse of water in the foreground. To the left, a notable blue ferry with “TALLINK” visible on […]

Hustling Helsinki Harbor on a Sunny Summer Day

This picturesque photo, taken on August 14, 2022, captures a bustling scene at Helsinki’s harbor with clear blue skies and calm waters. Dominating the scene are two large shipping vessels: the Eckero Line ferry and a P&O Cruises ship, both docked at the pier. The skyline features several modern buildings, indicating the urban development of […]

Helsinki Waterfront: Maritime Gateway

Captured on a clear and sunny afternoon on August 14, 2022, this photograph showcases a vibrant section of the Helsinki waterfront in Finland. The image prominently features two large vessels docked—one bearing the recognizable Viking Line logo and the other an imposing cruise ship, likely from P&O Cruises. The deep blue waters of the Gulf […]

“Docked Cruise Ships at Helsinki Waterfront”

This vibrant photograph, taken on August 14, 2022, at 2:12 pm in Helsinki, Finland, captures a scenic view of the city’s waterfront. Against a backdrop of clear blue skies, two prominent cruise ships are pictured docked at the harbor. The first ship, with recognizable Tallink branding, is seen emitting a trail of smoke, indicating its […]